Friday, 15 June 2018

Making a swimming pool

A fortnight ago we decided that we could get a pool put into a corner of our backyard. Then at 7am on Tuesday, it all started happening!

First, we had a delivery of rebar from a big truck. This brought all of the children from the street out in their pyjamas to watch:

A little digger was delivered to our house on a great big black truck. The digger started picking up the huge rocks from our yard and stacking them neatly for us out the way:

The speedy bobcat zipped back and forth, taking up the turf.

The bobcat removed the top layer of soil which was taken to the tipper truck out the front.

The pool shape was laid out with string and then the digger started to dig out the soil and clay and pass it back for the bobcat to take out to the tipper truck.

We wondered how the digger would get out of such a deep hole. It pulled itself out and then reached back down into the hole to finish off the digging.

The digging went on until after it got dark whilst rebars were put into one side of the pool. We had a look in the hole!

The next day they built the rebar structure, fitted the pipes for the outlets and the skimmer box and the tubing for the light. They put gravel at the bottom of the pool under the rebar and put special seats underneath to support the bars on metal discs:

This morning, Isla had her sports day! Here she is doing the long jump and after winning the tug of war with her Eagles team:

After lunch, these trucks turned up outside:

and the pool sides and steps were filled with concrete:

 After a couple of hours, and a couple of truckloads of concrete, we've got the shell of a pool!

Bush walking, turkeys and a new kitchen

Hello! This term is flying by. We started making a new kitchen in the Easter holidays and have now finished it all except for painting the walls and putting in a new floor.

Here are our new Ikea units and lights put in:

Here's the finished kitchen with the bench top and tiling. We just need to paint the walls and put some new flooring in:

As well as doing the kitchen, we've been up to some other stuff too.

Isla, Evie and I went to a Lego sale where a room was full of boxes of secondhand lego that we could choose and buy. We made some minifigures and Isla made a boat and car to buy:

We've been to the beach a bit and have seen our first whale of the migration season!

Sunshine Beach:

View from Laguna Lookout across the Noosa River:

Outside our house:

We all stayed up late to watch the Royal Wedding:

Evie did a special experiment with shaving foam and coloured dyes:

At bush playgroup, Evie did some weaving:

Noosa Main beach:

Evie went up a level at swimming. Here she is ringing the bell:

It is pie and stew weather here at the moment! 

Our friends gave us a custard apple to try:

We had a trip to the zoo:

Isla made a kite at school. Here she is flying it with Evie on the oval (the school playing field):

We had a walk in a rainforest near us and found a geocache:

At the weekend, we went camping! It was the first time in ages. We visited the Amamoor Forest where there were some nice walks and a creek... and a possible platypus sighting so I think we'll be back there again sometime:

Hope you liked seeing the photos. Did you spot the two bush turkeys?