Saturday, 15 July 2017

We've been here a year! Can you believe it!

It's been a year since we touched down in Australia bringing with us our little children, cats, and belongings. What were we thinking?!?! But actually this year has gone very fast so we must have been enjoying ourselves a bit. Indeed this weekend has been pretty brilliant so far. We packed up the car and headed off to Double Island Point. It is a spot way up the coast that can be reached by chain ferry and then by driving up the Teewah Beach on Noosa North Shore as far as it goes. At the top there was a walk with a spectacular view over the ocean. We were pretty lucky to see a few turtles, a couple of pods of dolphins and many humpback whales.  A few drivers got their cars stuck in the sand at high tide.

In other news, Isla has enjoyed her first week back at school for term 3, semester 2. There was no homework this week! Yipee! Isla has a new hairstyle for this term and new people to sit next to in the classroom. Evie has had a fun week of swimming lessons, playdates with her friends A and S, and hanging with her dad. She has also been to the National Park. Importantly, she has just found a gecko in her bedroom!

Here are some pictures of our week. I'll write another post soon, with one or two photos of our holiday last week, if you'd care to have a look :)

At Noosa National Park:

Double Island Point: