Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunny summer fun, last day at pre-school and another camping trip

The last couple of weeks have been filled with lots of school and pre-school activities. It was the end of term at pre-school, with Isla having her last day EVER there. It was pretty sad to think she won't be going there anymore as she has made lots of friends and the staff all know Isla really well after two and a bit years. Isla made a card for the staff and we took them a big box of chocolates.

Isla's new primary school teacher came to our house for a visit this week. Isla showed her some of her favourite toys (foxy, Jess and Baa baa) and also a couple of books that she reads with Evie. Isla also had an extra morning at her new school. She took part in 'moving up day' where each class moves up to their new class next year and so she joined some of her new classmates in reception with just their new teacher. Isla enjoyed playing with a marble run and hearing a story about a stinky dog! She seemed really grown up when she came back from that visit. We walked home with her friend (who was riding a pony!) while Isla rode her balance bike.

Watching the diggers, buses and cranes outside during a shopping trip:

Feeding the ducks and swans at the park:

Playing with gloop (cornflour and water):

Evie climbed straight in the paddling pool on a hot day....clothes, nappy and all!

Isla enjoying some shortbread:

We went camping this weekend in Somerset, at a campsite called Walnut Tree Farm. There was a lot of space to run about. Evie and Isla found some different creatures in the long grass and clover: bees, grasshoppers, moths and butterflies. There were chickens and cows with calves at the farm. We visited Wookey Hole and saw a witch, much to Isla's delight (Evie can say 'witch' but with a 'b' not a 'w' unfortunately, can be a little embarrassing when she yells it out). Andrew taught Isla to fly the kite and do loop the loops!

At Wookey Hole:

Digging up dinosaur bones at Wookey Hole:

Evie liked seeing the 'oo oo' at Wookey Hole:

We mixed up self-raising flour and a spoonful of sugar with water to make damper bread. It tasted yummy with jam for a snack.

Putting lids on and off is a favourite hobby for Evie at the moment!