Wednesday, 23 October 2013


At the weekend we went for a walk in the woods during a break in the rain. Isla loved it, especially the puddles and poking cow pats with a stick!

Today it was our Autumn party at toddler group, Isla dressed as a dinosaur and did some very special roaring!

On Tuesday, Evie gave her first laugh! It was a very cute giggle while I was tickling her tummy. Evie has been enjoying looking at toys in her carseat too:

Two snugglers:

Some of Isla's recent artwork (spirals and a dinosaur):

Isla playing under her table:

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Just messing about at home

The last couple of weeks we've been having lots of fun at home and out and about doing our usual activities too! Everyday Isla cuddles and kiss her sister lots. Evie loves watching Isla and always smiles when she sees her face.

Evie enjoys looking at toys and watching us a lot more now. She is happiest when she is having a cuddle watching Isla playing. She also spends time on her playmat looking at toys.

Isla has been colouring in her Cbeebies magazine and sticking stickers too:

Isla also has been doing some gluing with sparkly shapes and gems making different pictures:

We've been doing a lot of baking. Chocolate cornflake cakes were delicious, although Isla prefers the mixture to the finished cakes. We also made lemon and white chocolate muffins from a Jo Wheatley recipe but jooshed them up with some lemon butter icing and sprinkles of course. 

A very exciting package arrived last week from New Zealand! Isla loved unwrapping the gifts from John and Jude. It felt a bit like Christmas! The customs labels on the parcels describing what was inside brought back memories of parcels under the Christmas tree from Grandad, Quita and Nana from New Zealand when I was young. Though of course I never peeked to read the labels......! Isla loves the teddy bears inside the package and plays with them a lot. 

Isla wore her kilt one day with cute tights now that it is colder here. She likes building a tower with cups and pretending it is a lighthouse and then making boats to sail around it. They sometimes crash into the lighthouse though! Evie gets a bit concerned when this happens.

Painting has been requested a lot this week, and is fun to do when it is raining outside. We also tried doing some bubble paintings by blowing through straws into a mixture of washing up liquid, paint and water and then putting paper on top of the bubbles. We got some really nice pictures by doing this. Isla got a bit of a shock  though when she sucked on her straw by mistake ending up with blue lips and a worried mum. She just helped with stirring after that! 

We had a nice meal out with Grandad David and Granny Margaret the other weekend.

Back home, Isla insisted on having a photo with her friend Gadget one morning:

Evie had a lovely bath and ended up with a cool hairstyle:

Evie has a great personal trainer during her tummy time sessions:

At pre-school, Isla is learning about environments (which seems to mainly consist of walking like a penguin). She likes polar bears as she has a Kinder egg polar bear toy and so we decided to pretend to be polar bears for a change of continent. She wore her little fluffy waistcoat and also a muslin as a polar bear hat. We looked at videos of polar bears swimming on the iPad and also drew some pictures on coloured paper, making use of our white crayons at last (they don't get much use normally). We looked for the letters 'p for Peter' and 'b for bear' in Isla's alphabet puzzles to complete our polar bear session!

We saw a beautiful rainbow one afternoon. Minutes before I took this photo, the rainbow was the brightest I have seen, and stretched right across the sky. Isla loved it and keeps asking if we can go upstairs to look for rainbows now. She also said that she would like to be able to fly and thought that it would be nice to fly to work! 

Various cuddles:

Foxy Loxy bouncing in the garden:

Just after blowing out the candles on Andrew's cake:

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hols in Spain

On the plane:

At the beach and by the pool:

 Sandy baby toes:

Some posers:

Building an eeyore house:

A red palm weevil: