Saturday, 29 December 2012


On Christmas morning, Isla went straight over to the mince pie, milk and carrot that we'd left out for Father Christmas the night before to check whether he had been...... he had!!! Only a tiny bit of mince pie was left (which Isla finished off) and the reindeer had nibbled some of the carrot. After that, she noticed her toys that had magically appeared overnight.

Isla enjoyed unwrapping some stocking presents: a my little pony called Applejack

 - some Peppa Pig playing cards and books:

- an orange! Plus a few more things too. Thanks Father Christmas!

Later on that morning, Isla's Granny and Grandad came to visit and lots more present opening and playing took place.

Isla helped her Grandad unwrap his The Big Daddy massive Rocky bar:

Isla loved all of the presents from Ian, Lucy, Harry and Archie:

We all had a lovely Christmas meal! We had a burning Christmas pudding and a pavlova for dessert.

Charlie enjoyed his present from his uncle, auntie and cousins:

A few days after Christmas, Isla's Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Peter came to stay. More present opening and nice food!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mince pies and giggles

Isla made some Christmas decorations this week to hang on the tree. They are a Santa face and a Christmas tree, and involved spreading lots of glue about.

Lots of fun and tickles and throwing in the air:

Also been for lots of walks to find BIG puddles:

Isla's cousins came to visit this week, which was very exciting!

One afternoon this week, Isla climbed up onto the piano stool herself and was very excited to play me some tunes!

We finally got round to making mince pies yesterday:

Isla's recently started saying 'athat' a lot to ask what things are. Also this week we've been watching Button Moon on dvd. We had a great time at Tumble tots, which was a special Christmas session with lots of Christmassy cuddly toys to play with. We also used the parachute, a large colourful circle of fabric that we waved up and down a bit. We have had all of our evening Christmas meals out now. I had one toddler group evening meal out, and Andrew has had several work ones to enjoy! Now we are looking forward to our own Christmas meal next week.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Brrr it is cold here today. -2 degrees C. There are icicles on Jura Lodge and lots of frost on everything.