Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Meeting Santa

Today Evie and I dropped Isla at school and then headed to the school office to find that the staff were babysitting a pet bearded dragon in the reception. After that, Evie went to talk to Father Christmas at the shopping centre. She told him that she would like a reindeer for Christmas, and he told her that he would be bringing his reindeer to our house when he delivers her present, but that he would have to bring all the reindeer home with him again. He gave her a special reindeer hat though, and she was delighted to see him in real life:

Last week, we did some play dough together and were learning the letter 'p'. Making a 'p' out of play dough helped Evie figure out how to write a 'p' herself. And she drew some planes above her 'p'.

We went out in the evening to see the supermoon. There were lots of people out at the beach doing the same.

We had a trip to the beach:

...and the botanic gardens:

Isla drew this lovely picture of herself and Monty:

then at the weekend, we headed to the zoo:

On the way home, we stopped at The Big Pineapple and had a train ride looking at different fruit plants and animals. And then we went into a giant pineapple!

Evie learnt to swim this week!!!! She kept wanting to practice over and over again pushing off from the ledge and then she managed to doggy paddle herself to reach us.

Here is the caterpillar that hatched from our swallowtail butterfly egg. He was very pretty and if you poked him, he stuck out red tentacles at you! 

Here are Isla and Evie enjoying The Wiggles, who they are now obsessed by. They listen, watch or sing The Wiggles songs almost every waking moment it seems!

Homemade neapolitan cake (aka poo, wee and sick cake):

The baby gecko that lives in Isla's room:

Andrew climbed up to the top of Mt Coolum and took in the amazing view:

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Frogs, possums and a skink

Last week we spotted a possum in the trees by Isla's school and then another one that same day at home time - but this time a baby. They were Common Ringtail Possums this time. They have a thin tail and are brown, so a bit different to the Common Brushtail Possum we have seen before, which looks more like Pob.

At school, Isla has been doing a topic on 'Movement' and things that go. They made a marble run each to take home, which has been played with non-stop ever since:

Isla has been doing a lot of cooking at school. Last week, they made pasta from scratch with the help of an Italian family in their class. They made spaghetti and we contributed some tomatoes for the sauce. She also made pizza this week in Italian class. 

The tomatoes in our garden are ready to eat, and they taste very good. They are Cherry Golden tomatoes which are ready to eat when yellow. Unfortunately a storm on Saturday blew a lot of the tomatoes off when they were green.

Swinging next to the corella parrots:

A Christmassy tree:

We visited the dog beach again and enjoyed swimming in the calm water:

We baked some snickerdoodles and banana cupcakes this week:

A Green Treefrog visited our garden one evening to sit on the grass:

Evie felt poorly last Monday when she woke up. She missed her swimming lesson and went back to sleep for a while which made her feel much better. She went for a sail in the sea after that, in 'Superfast' her special boat:

This is our neighbours dog, Bonnie, having a wash:

Evie went to playgroup last week and made some binoculars. The lady at playgroup told us about a dingo she saw that morning near her house!

Evie after a swim:

She slept in the car to do the school run and so had a late night that evening:

Evie and I went to the park by the river one morning. Evie got her swimmers on and made a little friend when she was playing in the water. We had lunch with Daddy after visiting the park, the river and the library.

On Saturday, we went to Chambers Island. It is a tiny island with a footbridge that Isla had visited for their excursion at school. It had a lovely sandy beach, the river to play in, and some mangroves to look for crabs in. A perfect place really. There were also planes to watch as it is right underneath the flight path!

There was a pretty Christmas beetle outside the door one morning:

Andrew found this strange lizard drowned in our pool one morning. It is a Verreaux's skink with tiny reduced limbs:

We were swimming at least once a day last week, and loads at the weekend because it has been so hot. The pool was up to 29 degrees. Isla loves to swim down to the bottom to fetch toys.

This is the caterpillar that hatched from the Swallowtail butterfly egg on the lemon tree:

There were a couple of storms over the weekend. One had winds of 90 km/h and blew our trampoline over. There was a lot of loud thunder and big lightning flashes. There was so much rain that the water was bubbling up under the grass and running down the street. No damage done though, and a nice rainbow afterwards:

After dinner, we went down to a different bit of beach through some bushland:

Our friendly treefrog came back to visit. He/she is very big, about 10 cm long, and very docile. We also had an Eastern Sedgefrog in our garden, which looked a bit like the treefrog but was beige and only 3 cm long. I didn't get my camera out in time to photograph them.

A Mud-dauber Wasp visited our lounge carrying little balls of mud. It kept popping into a space on our book shelves and build a little mud nest on top of my 'Field Guide to New Zealand wildlife' book!

On Sunday, Evie decided that she didn't mind having water splashed on her head in the swimming pool and that she wanted to try swimming underwater towards me. She was brilliant at it and was nearly swimming to me herself. Then at her swimming lesson yesterday, she was going underwater all the time and her teacher said she was amazing!