Sunday, 26 January 2014

A ride on the bus, a tractor and a plane

We have made lots of cakes this week. We made some little chocolate fairy cakes, which Isla was not too keen on, and also a big chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing which Isla likes a lot.

Evie has been getting really good at her hand-eye coordination over the last few days, and she can now pick up food we put on her tray very quickly and it is going towards her mouth much more! She has been trying bits of omelette, pear, sweet potato wedges and also cheesy pasta. 

Evie gets very excited watching us drink from glasses. She started making a new sound yesterday, she repeated ba-ba-ba for ages and ages. It is a lovely sound.

We had an exciting trip on a bus this week. We took the park and ride bus into Bath. Isla thought it was great! We had a look at Bath Abbey where Isla was given a pencil and paper for drawing on. It was very cold outside so we headed home after visiting the market. 

At the supermarket Isla had a go on a tractor ride, then sat in a plane one. 

We went to a birthday party on Friday. Isla enjoyed the musical statues game and won a chocolate coin on the pass the parcel. The birthday cake was the best part though, and the party bags were brilliant.

Isla wrote her name out on the post office sign:

Monday, 20 January 2014

Swinging and jumping

Evie had three meals on Sunday. She picked up some banana herself and chomped some off, then got a real fright when she swallowed it! After that, she had some bread and butter at lunchtime, and chicken, broccoli, carrot and potato for dinner. She is much happier now she is joining in with mealtimes. I'm strangely looking forward to checking her nappy to see what she has eaten!

We visited the park and Isla loved the trampoline and swings. There were lots of dogs out walking. Isla practiced scooting too!

This morning at toddler group, Isla went on the slide and Evie got buried in toys by helpful toddlers passing her things.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Scooting, dancing and baby-led weaning take two

Last weekend we bought Isla a scooter. She helped her dad to build it, with Evie looking on while grabbing her toes. Isla couldn't wait to have a scoot around in the garden and was soon getting the hang of it! This week she scooted a little of the way to toddler group, a lot of the way back from toddler group and around our street when it hasn't been raining. We went to the parks in town a couple of times this week, and Isla has really enjoyed getting out and running about with Evie looking on from the pushchair. Isla (Andrew and I also) had fun feeding the ducks and swans in town, and scaring huge numbers of pigeons. We all enjoyed a visit to Isla and Evie's cousins where the scooter came in handy.

Evie's 'best' at the moment (favourite thing in Isla language) is to stand up while having her arms held. This always makes her smile! We had a lovely moment last week when both girls were grumbling in the back of the car, Evie because she was tired/hungry/couldn't see us and Isla because she didn't want Evie to cry. Evie spotted Isla and they both started laughing at each other and felt much happier. Isla always makes Evie smile and laugh at home if Evie is a bit bored. 

This week Evie has been sitting on the floor a lot more and watching Isla with her toys. The jungle animals are having a drink after playing hide and seek, although maybe the elephant is still waiting to be found. We had a full house of children on Thursday, with two more baby girls and their older siblings to entertain. Isla particularly enjoyed playing hide and seek, and Evie was just loving having other children to watch. Isla has been promised that they'll play policemen by one of the older children next time they come round. Hungry hippos was also a hit, although three red balls have strangely vanished so the hippos will have to stay a bit more hungry.

We had a quick trip to the library this week, and we found some great books. "A cat called Scratch" and "Harry and the dinosaurs have a birthday party" are a couple we have been enjoying together. Scratch is a cat with a flea, who goes through many things to remove the flea including hoovering himself (his tail gets sucked up the hoover). At the park, Evie had her first brief go on a swing, although feeling a bit peckish at the time meant she didn't enjoy it fully! Isla loved the swing and is starting to move herself by pumping her legs; being pushed very high is obviously preferable!

Isla's been doing lots of drawings, and colouring in with her Maisy book. We bought a Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse CD set which has songs on that Isla loves.

Evie has been grumpy at mealtimes despite being sat at the table with us, so we decided to give her some food to play with. This really gave her something to think about and she concentrated really hard on the strange slippery squishy toy (roasted pepper) and the harder beige toy (potato). Nothing heading for the mouth yet, but true to form everything ended up on the floor eventually!

Evie has started to really love going in the bath with Isla in the evening. She kicks her legs like crazy and splashes Isla a lot! I'm looking forward to taking them both to the swimming pool when Andrew is here too. 

We've been doing a spot of baking this week, inspired by the nightly Bake-Off show. After more gingerbread biscuits last week, we baked some fairy cakes this week. Isla chose pink icing and they looked really pretty with shimmery pink sugar and stars on them, didn't last long though! I made chicken empanadas today for lunch, which were tasty. We've also been having apple crumbles as a treat, although Isla only eats the crumble mixture before it is cooked.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas Time!

Just before Christmas day, we made a chocolate yule log with Nigella's recipe to take for our Christmas day meal. Isla enjoyed making fingerprints in the icing sugar snow and checking it tasted ok.

On Christmas morning, Isla woke up at 6ish and came to ask us about some things she had been thinking about. She asked about when we could go for bike rides together and also about what tigers eat. Then we thought we should remind her it was a special day and that maybe we should go and see if Father Christmas had been to visit us. He had!

Pob and Monty really enjoyed their gifts! and became kittens again for the morning.

I woke Evie up so she didn't miss out on too much of her first Christmas. She seemed to like her new colourful rings!

Isla quickly got her new train set opened up and put a railway track together.

A little bit later on, Isla served Daddy at her post office, where he needed a new tax disc.

Evie had a relaxing snooze before we headed over to Granny Margaret and Grandad David's for the rest of our Christmas Day.

Everyone enjoyed their Christmas lunch:

Back home, we enjoyed the rest of Andrew's time off.

Granny Ilene and Grandpa Alan came to stay for New Year. Here is Isla helping open Evie's Christmas present from Uncle Peter:

Isla loves serving everybody in her post office shop. Evie needed some stamps and popped to the shop for them, which is handily in our living room.

Constructing an amazing gingerbread house that Granny Ilene baked: 

Isla sprouts a puff pastry moustache while eating Rudolph pie:

Back to normal after Christmas, Evie tried out the door bouncer and enjoyed it lots! She generally spins around in it at the moment.

Evie has started sitting in the high chair for the first time this week, while Isla has moved onto an adult low chair. Evie likes sitting and examining her toys, as well as learning to drop them on the floor with a loud bang, whilst we are eating.

We've been going for walks between rain storms. The muddy puddles produced by the storms have been great fun.

Evie has started sitting in a proper buggy rather than the pram, and much prefers being able to see everything around her on our walks and whilst going to toddler group and pre-school.

We visited the park today as it was a sunny morning. Isla really enjoyed it, especially the swings, roundabout and see-saw. Evie had a snooze in the buggy after a while.

Evie enjoyed sitting in the buggy while we had a meal out. Isla was very lucky to have ice cream and also a bambinocino after her pizza!