Monday, 24 August 2015

Camping by the sea

We went camping last week in the New Forest at a campsite called White Meadows near Lepe Country Park. We went on the monorail and bus at Beaulieu Motor Museum and Isla drove a little car herself.

At Buckler's Hard, we visited a maritime museum where the girls had a go at caulking a ship. We went on a boat trip down the river and back to look at the yachts.

We went to the beach at Lepe Country Park where we found some little shore crabs and fish in the rock pools. We could see the Isle of Wight across the Solent where Andrew and I had learnt to sail.

Isla and Evie won woodland warrior medals for completing a treasure hunt in the woods and for finding different leaves and 'something slimy'.

We discovered that a couple of toads had been sharing our tent!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lots of trains and village day float

The last couple of weeks we have been enjoying playing at home and in the garden. We took a trip to the shopping centre for some lunch and found a train which was very exciting for Evie in particular!

 Isla and Evie both liked riding the cars at toddler group and dressing up at a friend's house:

Pob likes going on the trampoline although doesn't do much bouncing. Monty has been poorly the last couple of weeks and so we have had a couple of trips to the vet to help him and he is now back to normal again thank goodness!

We have loads of caterpillars on our nasturtiums and so we thought we'd keep some for pets and watch them turn into cocoons.

Our friend Natalie came to visit and we had a nice few days with her. We visited a lake where huge herds of ducks came to see us for bread. We found a huge old oak tree and did a bit of climbing.

It was village day on Saturday. The toddler group float had the theme of 'Under the Sea' and so Isla and Evie dressed up as sea creatures. We all had fun on the float squirting people with water pistols, waving crabs and jellyfish and waving at people.

Today we went to Drayton Manor and had fun at Thomas Land and on the other rides at the theme park. We all really enjoyed going on a rollercoaster and a speedy boat ride as well as a trip in one of Percy's carriages, a ride in Bertie the Bus and Harold the helicopter.