Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Going on a boat trip, camping in the forest and...... a...... SNAKE!!!

The first week back to school for Term 4 was a tricky one. Isla didn't want to go back to school, and wanted to stay at home, having lots of tears at school drop off. Others in her class felt the same, and finally by the end of her first week, she was excited about school again and smiling her happy self. It helped for her to make a little book and write in it what to expect each day that was exciting and she realised she had lots to enjoy at school. Phew, I was glad when that week was over!

In our pool, Andrew found a fence skink and a spider:

We see quite a few skinks around, or maybe it's the same one that lives on our patio and another by our bins.

Going camping by the beach and travelling on dirt tracks the last few weeks, we have been hoping to see a goanna (monitor lizard) but hadn't been lucky. Then, one afternoon I spotted one running along the grass behind our back garden! He was very long (about a metre) and the children thought he was funny to watch. The magpies and honeyeaters were dive-bombing him so he didn't stay long. We've since seen another one climbing a tree elsewhere.

We went to Rainbow Beach on the weekend, and it was very busy. I watched a baby humpback whale getting caught in shark nets and then freed with help from its huge mum. The sea was very warm here and I tried the snorkel out but it was too weedy. Isla and Evie liked climbing on each other!

Andrew drove us further up the beach to Inskip Point, which looks out onto Fraser Island. There be dingos, so they say!!!

In the week, Evie had a little play by the river:

and enjoyed herself at playgroup. She made some paper dolls with fabric clothes last week, and then on Thursday she made a pizza from a paper plate.

One evening there was a rustling in Evie's room. 'Mummy there's a noise in me room' and Monty was very interested in something behind her doll's house. What could it be?!!

Well, it was only a weird looking mole cricket:

Here's Evie having a sneaky go on the amazing slide at Isla's school:

On Friday at school pick-up time, we were lucky enough to see a koala climbing in a eucalyptus tree just next to the slide! Our first wild koala.

Andrew hired a boat for us to have a look down the river. Here is Makepeace Island, which is owned by Richard Branson:

A trip to the aquarium at Mooloolaba was long overdue:

Isla had a brilliant week at school last week. She started swimming in P.E. and also had a science trip to an island with mangroves and lots of crabs. 

She had last Monday off and so did Andrew, so we went camping to the nearby Conondale Range. Here are lots of photos from our adventure. We saw and heard lots of different birds there, including Bell Miners, which make a really loud bell-like boing noise incessantly. See if you can spot the amazing Carpet Python slithering across the leaves at the camping ground, and sitting on a tree stump waiting for prey!

Aboard the galleon mark III in the creek:

Isn't there one of these in the Devizes park?! This was at Kenilworth, next door to a cheese factory where we sampled some cheese, yoghurt and chocolate mousse.

Evie colouring in one of the Wiggles (her new favourite t.v. characters):

On Andrew's birthday, we arrived back home and went out for a meal. Afterwards, we had a quick look at the sea since we hadn't been to the beach all weekend. A storm was coming so we hurriedly went home to escape the rain.

Monty was very bad this morning. It was a crested pigeon. He was very pleased with himself.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

A dog called Pip and the Curse of the Green Head Ant

Isla and Evie have been enjoying the school holidays. We've been doing some scooting around where we live and also at a skate park with our friends. We met up with some people from Isla's school to try out a bike dirt track with Isla on her 'Islabike' and Evie on her balance bike. They both loved going up and down the bumps of the bike track. Isla got stung by a Green Head ant unfortunately which was very sore but she was ok after a little while. Next time, we'll wear our trainers to the bike park!

We went down to the playpark by the river to meet with some friends and have a paddle and play on a really hot day:

Evie licked the spoon after we made some chocolate brownies:

Playgroup on Thursday was in a different place. We drove to a big Queenslander style house on a farm by Lake MacDonald. After feeding Lucy the very smart and very cute piggy (she had to stay sitting for 5 seconds before she could have her food!), we spent ages making things with purple play dough. After some snacks (or morning tea as they call it out here), Evie made friends with a sleepy guinea pig called Rupert and Isla stroked Pip the dog.

After playgroup, we visited Noosa Botanic Gardens on the other side of Lake MacDonald. It was a wet afternoon, but the trees and birds were great to see. We went to the lily pond and fed the turtles with some cream crackers (or square crackers as they call them here). Then we went home and watched Finding Nemo.

Yesterday we did some baking. We made vanilla biscuits in the shape of whales, dolphins, flowers and trains. Andrew got stung by another Green Head ant whilst in our garden! We're all on full Green Head ant alert now and hoping not to have anymore stings for a while. 

Today was another hot day. We met up with someone else from Isla's class at the park and then went to splash in the sea with them. After lunch, we played in the pool on the new bodyboards. Isla swum for the first time in the pool herself and Evie enjoyed swimming with the help of our old mickey mouse rubber ring.