Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Marvellous March

The ocean still looks appealing even on a rainy day. We went for a walk along the coastal boardwalk.

A flock of corellas in a tree:

Isla took part in the cross country race at her school:

...... and Evie cheered her on!

We went on a camping trip and spent most of our time in a creek, swimming and building dams. We saw a snake swimming across the creek, a kingfisher and some wild deer. A lovely tranquil spot.

There were also pet deer to feed at the campsite:

Evie and I visited an art gallery today after playing at the park. There was a huge stuffed crocodile sculpture in the gallery, and lots of paintings of different birds and animals. I liked some linocut prints of birds and plants. There was a craft and drawing room for children where we spent a lot of time:

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Turning 6

We've had an action packed few weeks. Isla and Evie's grandparents from England came to visit with much excitement. We all loved showing them what we get up to in Australia. Visits to Australia Zoo and a boat ride on the river were highlights, as well as eating fish and chips and swimming at the hotel.

Isla's tooth fell out during break time at school and it was very exciting to tell us about after school.

I flew off to Christchurch for Judi's funeral.

It was Isla's birthday! She had a party at the park with everyone from her new class and some from her prep class. It was a lovely morning. The children enjoyed playing at the park, climbing trees, eating food and having lolly bags. We went on a boat trip on the river and swam in the sea.

Evie was back at playgroup this week, where she loved making a bird feeder out of a toilet roll and peanut butter!

A very exciting package arrived from Uncle Ian:

An assassin beetle in our garden:

This morning at the beach before our Aussie cousins arrived to play: