Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Father Christmas visits!!

On Christmas Eve we went for a walk to post some Christmas cards and presents to friends in the village and look for some Christmas lights and wreaths on people's doors. Isla and Evie were both very excited that they were near the end of their advent calendars and that it was Christmas the next day. Evie knew that Father Christmas was coming to our roof that night "Ho ho ho!"

At last, it was Christmas morning! Isla and Evie were pleased to see that the mince pie and mulled wine left out had been eaten by Santa, and the milk and carrot had been enjoyed by the reindeer. Father Christmas had even written them a letter in reply to Isla's note asking for many presents. Most of all, they were thrilled to see lots of presents in their stockings around the tree!!

Very excited about finding a Dip Dab in her stocking:

Excited about opening her Thomas book:

We headed off to Granny Margaret and Grandad David's house to share Christmas with them and Isla and Evie's cousins and aunty and uncle. We all enjoyed the food, company and presents. Evie and Archie walked around holding hands. Isla could be heard asking "which one is that?" a couple of times and got her fair share of cuddles from the babies. Isla liked trying out Grandad's joke set, especially the chewing gum and squirt ring, and the joke poo, which even got enjoyed by the babies. And there were many, many chocolates on the Christmas tree. To start with anyway.

On Boxing Day Andrew got his new home-brew from Santa started off, with help from Evie:

Pob has been trying a couple of different styles out:

We went into Bath for a look at the Christmas lights and a browse through the shops. When we were having lunch in the Italian pizza restaurant, we saw a street performer painted silver walking past and he stopped, stared spookily and waved at Evie, who was thrilled. 

Yesterday we went off to Bristol and visited the S.S. Great Britain. It was really good and had changed a lot since we'd been around ten years ago. We walked around underneath it and went on board, where there were realistic sounds and smells of the different rooms onboard, such as in the galley and the surgery. A highlight was when Isla got pooed on by a seagull. We had a nice lunch at Bordeaux Quay and saw Carol Vorderman having a coffee with someone!! We went to M-Shed where there were lots of buttons to press and Evie dressed up as a Victorian child.

Today we went swimming. We haven't been swimming for ages and all really enjoyed splashing about. We had a shivery-bite afterwards and then went shopping and played dobble and labyrinth and Lego. And went to the park.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

It's almost Christmas

Isla and Evie are very excited about Christmas time. In Isla's last few weeks at school they have been doing lots of special things. They had a 'Santa's workshop' with elf hats to put on and were very busy packaging up presents. They also learnt lots of songs for their nativity play, and have been doing a lot of Christmassy crafts.

Isla likes reading her school books to Evie:

Evie has been visiting the library for rhyme time and also the park:

Evie decorating gingerbread biscuits:

Isla as a star in her nativity play:

Isla wrote some Christmas cards for her school friends and Evie joined in too:

We made some star decorations and painted glue and glitter on them to make them sparkle:

Granny Margaret and Grandad David came to the school Christmas Fair. Isla and Evie met Father Christmas who asked about their cats! 

Granny Ilene and Grandpa Alan came to stay for an early Christmas. We enjoyed opening presents and then having Christmas dinner.