Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Super smiley sunflowers and a frog

'Super smiley sunflowers' is the name of a little outdoor group we went to at the local primary school. Isla and Evie made some beautiful sunflowers as well as decorating pots and planting sunflower seeds. Evie's sunflower has already grown, and the others that we planted from our own seed packet have also started to become seedlings.

We've been to our friend's house and enjoyed a brilliant pirate birthday party. Isla is known as Peg-Leg Isla and Evie is Evie Blackbeard. Hunt for the treasure is a favourite game now.

A well-deserved lolly and ice cream:

Visiting the Long Barrow at West Kennet:

Having a little ride on a canal boat through a lock:

Playing tigers on the hill:

At the park with our cousins:

Visiting Avebury:

There was a huge frog in the garden!

A trip to the Caen hill locks with our friends, we had another sit on a boat!

We visited the local children's group and made some crowns as well as making new friends and playing with fireman sam toys. Isla is now known as Queen Isla or Her Majesty. Our caterpillars have started hanging in a J shape and looking a bit weird. They must be about to pupate!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cosmic yoga and crafty snails

Our first proper week getting used to a new place started with a trip to the library and joining in with 'Rhyme time' songs. Wherever you go, the songs are the same. Even Tiny Tim the Turtle (one of our favourites). We also tried out the park and fed the ducks.

Tuesday was a very rainy day so we started off by making some cards to send. 

We ventured out to post our cards and then investigated some trees nearby where we found a nest covered by wood. On the way back, we waited..... and waited..... and waited for a train to pass under the bridge but none came!

We went out for another walk and found some interesting things as well as meeting some new people.

Isla and Evie have done lots of playing together, including being fierce lions (or tigers?) eating a special wooden cake that they made.

The next day, we waited.... and waited... and waited for a steam train to pass the house. And it eventually zoomed passed a bit late but it was still very exciting for everyone!

Doing some drawings:

Today we went to the swimming pool, and when we returned the postman had left our new pets in the letter box! They are five caterpillars in their food pot that we are going to watch develop into butterflies over the next few weeks. Isla is writing a journal about what she sees happen to them.

Isla and Evie did some crafting and made some beautiful colourful mini beasts.

Doing some 'Cosmic Yoga' on youtube and learning about the Very Hungry Caterpillar:

Friday, 6 May 2016

Shipping our stuff and moving out

This week was a pretty major week for us as we had our belongings packed into a container and then we moved out of our house.

Isla and Evie walking back from school for the last time:

One of my favourite views, looking towards Marshfield from Cold Ashton:

Our last ice cream from the Marshfield Farm ice cream parlour:

Looking for rainbows from the top bedroom:

Packing up: