Friday, 26 June 2015

Twins and tomatoes

Isla and Evie on an expedition to feed some ducks:

Evie painting herself green:

At Dyrham park after a playgroup session about hedgehogs:

Having a class photo (Isla had pre-school photos with her friends taken last week):

Isla and Evie had their friend round for lunch who brought brilliant gingerbread people to decorate with lots of squirty icing and sprinkles:

Build the best tower competition:

At the playground:

We spent Father's day at Lacock and had a great time with everybody:

Monkey Evie:

We had a lovely time in Oxford with Sarah, George and Rebecca including a visit to a pub with chickens wandering around and pigs to look at! Evie, Isla and Rebecca had a train toot at them as we crossed a bridge which was pretty exciting if a bit loud. Found ourselves performing 'the hokey cokey' outside for the second time in a week.

Back home we've been doing some play dough. This is one of Evie's favourite things at the moment along with playing with cars and starting to figure out jigsaws. 

We had our first ripe tomatoes outside, which were quickly scoffed (luckily there were two nice red ones to start us off).

We went to the library this morning and chose some new books. Rhyme time was on and Isla and Evie 'row rowed' their boat together. Evie received a certificate for going to the library lots of times and getting many stamps in her library passport.

Today everyone helped with dinner. Isla got busy chopping things and Evie pulled leaves off things for our fajitas. 

Evie and I went to toddler group this week and met some new people while Isla was at pre-school playing 'stuck in the mud'. Isla and I have been to school a couple of times too which has been fun. We had a brilliant time at the swimming pool this week. Evie can nearly float about herself with her armbands on and is pretty pleased with herself about it!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lemoning, crabbing and kiting

The weather this week has been different everyday. We have had cold days that turn into hot days, dry days that turn into rainy days and rainy days that stay rainy all day long! 

Evie went to toddler group at Dyrham park this week. They learnt about butterflies coming from caterpillars, had to make a butterfly from a stick and some leaves and went searching for different colours of flowers to match a colour palette. It was the first time Evie has really been to an organised group without Isla so it was a bit different for her. She was getting the hang of it by the end, and was pleased to sign 'duck' at me when they sang a song about ducks.

We went for a wander before getting the bus back up the hill and found a load of lemon trees in the middle of the gardens!

Back at home, we have been eating lolly pops and keeping the cats away from our snacks!

Isla and Evie had fun making lots of food from play dough:

We went for a little walk out and about and found a few farm animals. There was a blue tit nest in a barn that we watched. We saw cuckoo spit and some beetles and tried to figure out if you could still get stung by a nettle if you touched it really slowly although we haven't tested this out yet.

It was a bit rainy on Saturday. We went to do a spot of kiting and got followed by some cows who wanted to admire the kite. We saw lots of deer and went on a tractor too.

Crabbing at Clevedon: a little adventure to the seaside saw us catching a couple of little shore crabs from rock pools.