Monday, 25 July 2016

Messing about on the river

All wearing our shades:

Pob and Monty after their flight from Melbourne where they were in quarantine for ten days.

We enjoyed the pool at our holiday house for the first time as the weather was hot:

I took Isla and Evie to Tea Tree Bay in the National Park where we had fun in the sea and I had my first swim! A bit chilly!

After Andrew's first morning at work, we went out on a boat on the river! Isla and Evie both took a turn at driving the boat, which they loved.

Creature count: lots of pelicans, lots of ants and a fence skink.

Kangaroos and Koalas

On Friday, we applied for two different houses to rent. That same day, we heard back that we'd been accepted by both! Phew! As well as that, we picked up our brand new car, which had been decorated with balloons at the dealership. Isla and Evie enjoyed a paddle at the river while we were thinking about where we'd like to live,  after we had lunch at the Noosa sailing club. Isla tried some calamari there for the first time and thought it was nice.

We went to Australia Zoo on Saturday, having a nice day off from ringing round rental companies and inspecting houses. 

The view from our holiday house in the morning:

At Noosa River, chasing ducks:

Kangaroos are so soft! Even softer than Pob. We later found out that you are only supposed to stroke their backs, but this one didn't seem to mind having her head rubbed:

A brolga:

Friday, 22 July 2016

Pirate's playground

The last few days we've been busy looking around houses to rent, having a look at a school, and buying a car! Andrew has been to visit his new work and we've been to the park and beach too. Isla thought that Harry and Archie would like that park, it is called Pirate's Playground. It had some great slides and climbing frames. The river is right next to the play park so we've been for a few paddles.

At Sunshine Beach:

Visiting the library:

Playing with some toys we've borrowed from the toy library:

Our Scooby-Doo house that is made of paper:

Some magpies:

Having a milkshake and toast after visiting the school:

At Noosa main beach:

Having a picnic in bed with Scooby:

Creature count: lots of rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos, galahs and a gecko living in our wheelie bin!