Saturday, 30 March 2013

A trip to Wales

On Good Friday we made some hot cross buns! Here they are before going in the oven and also a photo of Isla eating one later on:

Today we went across the Severn Crossing to Wales. We told Isla that we were going to Wales across a big bridge. When we were crossing the bridge, she said that she couldn't see any whales in the sea so we had to explain about Wales being a country and that we weren't going to see any big sea mammals today!

We drove past Chepstow racecourse to Coleford in the Forest of Dean to visit Perrygrove Railway. There was a steam train to ride on, chickens, treehouses, slides and walks in the forest. Isla really enjoyed it, especially the trains, which she wanted to go on again and again. 

After visiting the railway, we headed to Tintern where we had a nice meal in a pub called the Moon and Sixpence. The pub was full of antiques and had views over the Wye river. Isla liked playing with the beermats and watching all the people in the pub.

After lunch, we visited Tintern Abbey. It was very impressive. Isla enjoyed running around the abbey and grounds.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Being Dogtanian

Chocolate krispie cakes and an Easter tree

We made some chocolate krispie cakes yesterday. Isla was in charge of measuring out rice krispies and then mixing them up with a gooey chocolatey syrupy buttery mixture. Needless to say, when she had tried some of the chocolatey mixture she gave up on the mixing and just ate instead:

This week Isla has been doing quite a bit of painting. She did a lovely painting with glittery paint and glued sparkly sequins on at her friend's house one afternoon. Here she is painting some egg shapes at home for us to hang on our 'Easter tree':

We found some nice twigs and decorated them with Isla's painted egg pictures and some pom pom fluffy chicks that we made this afternoon. Here is our Easter tree:
There are a few Easter trees in windows around our way. I think it is a way to show off how crafty you are (ours is pretty basic compared to others though - will do better next time) and also to give something for all the people that walk past and look in something interesting to look at! At the moment they mainly see our fogged up window pane but we are getting that fixed soon so all our craftiness will be viewed better by people outside.

This morning we went to toddler group but noone else joined us! We got some toys out anyway and had a play. Here is a photo of Isla with the farm set that we put together. It was all cleaned by Grandma when she came to help us at our evening 'toy cleaning session' recently. We had fun building the stables and house this morning (actually I had fun doing it, Isla liked playing with the animals best):

Yesterday we went shopping and bought quite a few bits and pieces for home. Here is Isla having a well-deserved break in a cafe:

We had a nice time at pre-school this week. It was holiday club so was quieter, and had different staff. Isla played with the plastic animals, ponies and dinosaurs. She enjoyed her snacks and went outside very briefly (there was snow in the air, and thick ice on the sandpit lid!). Next week we will have another short session and then start more properly the following week!

We also had a lovely morning with our friends who live next to a farm nearby. Isla played with lots of toys including a lovely pull along puppy, and also used the potty lots. This week we have been almost entirely nappy-free during the day, and not too many accidents!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Making Easter biscuits and a bus ride

We went swimming on Friday morning very early indeed, getting to the pool for nine when it opened so as to avoid the queue later on. The water was very warm and Isla liked piling up the floats as well as jumping from the side and floating about on her own a bit. Isla watched and joined in with the Aquafit going on in the main pool as they had some music to bop to. Isla helped put some pizza toppings on for lunch when we got home:

On Saturday we went into Bath to show Natalie around who came to stay for the weekend. We went to the market:

We went to Bathampton Mill for lunch, where Isla enjoyed eating olives with a cocktail stick in a very sophisticated fashion!

We made some Easter biscuits after Isla's nap, as well as a yummy lemon cake, both from Mary Berry's cake book:

Today we had a ride on the bus at Dyrham park:

It was very very very cold outside!

We had a look around the house, spotting hidden rats as we went:

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Tiger who came to Tea

We've just come back from a very cultured trip to the theatre! We went to see 'The tiger who came to tea' being read and acted out for little ones. A HUGE tiger came to the theatre and ate all of the cakes and drank all of the drinks, just like in the story. Isla enjoyed listening to the story and asked if she could stroke the tiger so we went up at the end and she gave him a big stroke and cuddle! She was given cup and saucer shapes to colour in so we can have our own tea party later on. Isla liked looking at all of the lights and seats in the theatre, which was setup especially for children. We're looking forward to going again, the next story is 'We're going on a bear hunt'......I wonder how they will get a bear into the theatre....!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More birthday pressies, cress and a giant stick

I have neglected my blog for a little while, but here we are back with lots of photos of what Isla has been getting up to. She had a visit from her cousins who joined her on the see-saw whale:

Isla went for a ride on her new scuttle bug bike:

Isla's Grandpa and Grandma came to stay in the birthday week, which was very exciting and involved lots of playing. We went out for lunch one day:

Last week Isla and I visited the garden centre to plan which seeds to grow for our garden this summer. It was a funny day to visit a garden centre because it was snowing intermittently all day! We bought some cress seeds, which Isla planted on some wet kitchen roll later on:

A couple of days later, Isla checked on her cress:

 After a few more days, Isla's cress was growing properly:

In preparation for our friends, Sarah and George, coming to stay we made some stromboli. Here is Isla showing Applejack the dough after it had risen:

Isla knocked back the dough:

.....then rolled it out:

.....and finally put some sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, basil and mozzarella on top of the dough before we rolled it up and left it to rise again:

When Sarah and George came to visit, we went for a walk to show them the local sights:

Here are the local sights:

Isla found a giant stick on the way home:

Isla and Andrew built an immense tower of duplo:

Mutty got involved with the playing:

Isla getting on her whale with just some of her many birthday cards displayed behind:

So far this week we have been to a special Easter Tumble tots session, where Isla received more birthday presents from her thoughtful friends, and we have also been spending time at Pre-school which is a lovely place for Isla to spend some of her time. We are hoping to have a trip to the theatre this week, to watch one of Isla's current favourite books ('The tiger that came to tea') being read and acted out.