Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Starting school and driving on the beach

The last couple of weekends we have been taking a ferry across the Noosa river to the North Shore. It was amazing. We saw a lot of eagles, and also a humpback whale feeding not far off the shore. We couldn't stop smiling the whole day.

Climbing Mt Tinbeerwah:

Climbing Emu Mountain:

Bearded dragons fighting in the grass:

A red-browed finch:

Our second trip to Noosa North Shore, where we visited Rainbow Beach:

 The morning of Isla starting school:

Isla loves her new school! She made some friends on her first day. She also had Italian and music lessons with different teachers, and we had to make her a costume for her second day as it is Book Week in Australia. Isla and Evie both wanted to be lorikeets:

A wild native hibiscus flower on Mt Tinbeerwah:

We stopped off at Peregian Beach on the way home from school. Isla had to talk about her favourite local beach in sharing time this week in front of her class. She has been reading each day in the class and has a new book every night to read at home. She also has spellings to do at home every week.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

A trip to Brisbane and a lot of cycling

After all the excitement of moving house last week, we have been getting used to our new house and street. We've been doing quite a bit of exploring on our bikes:

Making some cakes:

Our new barbie:

An early morning bike ride behind our house on Sunday:

A trip to the beach was overdue as we hadn't been for over a week! Noosa main beach was lovely on Sunday morning:

 A trip to Sunshine Beach between patients:

We have lots of birds visiting our garden, especially blue-faced honeyeaters, noisy miners and magpie larks. Today we also had a few butcher birds and a magpie visiting us too.

We took a trip to Brisbane this week. At the Museum of Queensland, Isla and Evie sorted some stick insect eggs from the poo:

Examining dugong bones with a dissecting microscope:

At the botanic gardens there were Eastern water dragons by the ponds:

We had some ice creams made using liquid nitrogen from Nitrogenie: 

At the manmade beach in Brisbane:

'Spaceships' by Evie and Isla:

Making more cakes!

A six o'clock in the evening bike ride around the block while Andrew works the late shift. We heard lots of frogs croaking, or were they bush crickets? They mysteriously disappear whenever you look for them!

Climbing at Coolum this morning after visiting the amazing Sunshine Plaza shopping centre in Maroochydore. 

We had lots to buy for Isla's new school including new shoes, uniform, bag, book bag, lots of pencils and crayons and exercise books to cover:

Creature Count: 
Every time we drive South to Maroochydore we spot a kangaroo in the grassy areas, we have seen dolphins swimming up the coast especially from Sunrise Beach, a whale going down the coast from Mooloolaba, a gecko on our patio, lots of birds including this butcher bird trying out our sofa: