Sunday, 6 March 2016

Isla is 5

There was snow on the ground (and the garage roof) when Isla woke up on Saturday morning, very excited about her birthday! She opened her presents and then we quickly packed up the car and headed off to Peppa Pig World.

Evie met George Pig:

Driving the helicopter:

On Grandpa Pig's boat ride:

On the Caterpillar Rollercoaster:

Driving Daddy Pig's car:

Evie's driving the train!

On the carousel:

On the Windy Tower ride, spinning ourselves fast:

On Grandpa Pig's train:

On the kontiki spinning boat ride:

All together again on the teacup ride:

On the way to the hotel after a hard day of rollercoastering:

At the hotel, we had a swim, had dinner and then Isla blew a candle out on her cake really quickly before the smoke alarm went off!!! 

The next day, we went back to Peppa Pig World after a delicious breakfast (waffles!) and a swim. Evie decided she'd like to go back to ride on a dinosaur again while Isla went off with Andrew to do the big rides, including the Cobra rollercoaster.

Waiting for our dinosaur:

Enjoying Mr Potato's playpark:

 Isla by the HUGE Cobra rollercoaster:

 Back together again on the Windy Tower:

Isla and I went on the Caterpillar rollercoaster twice!

After going on the rides, we introduced Isla and Evie to Adventure Golf and then did some panning for gold:
When we got home, Isla had another go at blowing out all of her candles and we had some more cake.

There's a BFG in our house

This was Isla's last week of being four! It was quite a packed week. 

On Sunday we played with Isla and Evie's cousins. They drove diggers, flew a kite and watched the deer being fed:

The evenings have been a lot lighter and so there is time for some playing in the garden after school.

At Isla's school they celebrated World Book Day on Friday by dressing up as characters from books. Isla chose to be the BFG. She made her ears, and made a snozzcumber, dream blowing trumpet and a small pot of dreams that she carried in her special bag. She wore one of my old work shirts and one of Andrew's old t-shirts that I turned into a waistcoat for her:

Isla's class were all given free books and Evie and I went along to hear them having the book read to them in their class one afternoon. We also got to watch the class playing games and singing their giant song 'Fee Fi Fo Fum' which they sang to the school in a competition later in the week. We had parents evening this week and enjoyed all going along to chat to the teacher. On Friday, Isla handed out some dinosaur biscuits to her friends at the end of the day to celebrate her birthday, which was the next day. She stood up in assembly and the headmistress asked what she was doing for her birthday after they all sang 'Happy Birthday'.