Saturday, 11 February 2017

Back to school

The last few weeks have all been about getting back into the school routine, getting to know the new teacher and class, and getting back into swimming lessons and playgroup. We've also fitted in some trips to the beach, and some baking. Evie and Isla both had bad colds this week but are now on the mend.

Trip to Australia zoo. We saw a koala actually doing something interesting. He climbed down a tree and ran off to climb another one, and did a poo on Isla's head!

Evie can ride a bike!!

Isla got her first proper homework this week: spelling, reading and maths. Evie joined her by drawing a picture of Paw Patrol pup Zooma.

Evie made a necklace at playgroup. There were two birthdays as well, so there was a lot of cake.

A fruit bat at the library:

Monty chased a water dragon across the garden and into the swimming pool! We rescued it (very tricky, they are good swimmers) and had a quick cuddle before setting it free:

Evening trip to the beach: Isla and I looked for shells while Evie and Andrew splashed in the sea.