Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pirates and gloop

The last couple of weeks we've been taking it in turns to feel a bit poorly. Isla is just starting to get over the bug now and Evie is almost back to her normal self. We've been doing a lot of things at home. Everyday we've been listening to 'Bend and Stretch' by the Sticky Kids which has Isla's favourite songs 'Funky Monkey' and 'Stir Up the Porridge'. She dances around the room to them and Evie joins in. Nursery rhymes are another favourite to put on - here they are both rowing their boats:

We've been out for a couple of walks nearby.

Andrew made a chocolate cake one weekend, then I made one the following week. Lots of cake beaters to lick. I also made a new chocolate mousse recipe from my Nigella Express book. It doesn't use raw egg and is very easy and delicious. 

Isla came back from pre-school one day to say that she hadn't been able to play with the gloop there because there 'weren't enough aprons'. So we decided to make some ourselves. It is just cornflour with some water added. It is really fun to play with because it behaves like a liquid and drips off your fingers but then if you squish it together it becomes like a solid. It was quite messy but fun too.

We did a few pirate things this week. Andrew made the chairs into a pirate ship and so this was a daily event, along with me being tic toc croc when Isla stepped off the ship! We also made a treasure chest and some chocolate treasure coins.

Isla made a cafe using the blocks and lots of little creatures:

We played a new game with the lego blocks. One of us had to make half a creature using the blocks, like a butterfly or ladybird. Then the other person had to complete the picture by finding the right coloured blocks and putting them in the right place.

I've been getting some ideas from, a website with lots of things to do at home with young children.  I've printed out snowflakes and other shapes to do a treasure hunt, which Isla loves. We made some yellow lemon rice by putting yellow food colouring and lemon essence in with some rice and then leaving it to dry. Evie played with this for ages in a big box with some spoons and tubs. Luckily our vacuum cleaner has finally been fixed so cleaning up was easy!

This morning we went to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. We had the double buggy so Isla could be pushed as she is still poorly. We saw some dinosaur skeletons, lots of fossils and different animals. I had a look around the 'BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year' exhibition there with Isla. Highlights were a colourful squid photo, turtles nesting, a hummingbird, and whale sharks.  There was a play area at the museum for the little ones to dress up which they both enjoyed. Isla completed a 3D jigsaw puzzle of a jug.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


We have been getting back to normal after the Christmas holidays. Isla has been riding her bike to pre-school when it hasn't been raining too much. We have been to the park sometimes, and tried out a different softplay at the weekend. The softplay has equipment for young ones, a bouncy castle, a trampoline and a climbing rope and rings. Isla was getting used to the rings and ball pits while Evie enjoyed climbing on the smaller obstacles. Isla also really loved the bouncy castle.

We went swimming this week, and we all enjoyed it very much. Evie liked sitting on the side and falling into the water and Isla liked making waves with her float. We've also been to the library (once when it was shut!) and for lots of bike rides. Isla is now pretty good at balancing and we can get to pre-school in about 10 mins with her on her bike, which is very speedy!

We had some proper snow last night and woke up to beautiful whiteness everywhere. Isla was the first awake and came upstairs to tell us about the snow that she'd seen out of her bedroom window. Monty and Charlie were also very vocal and excited this morning. We all went outside and had a great time in the snow. Later on, we went for a bike ride and walk when the snow had melted.

Here are some photos that Isla took with her camera watch:

And now for some photos taken by us.
Bedtime stories:

Mischief makers:


Doing some dancing before pre-school:

At the park:

Looking at guinea pigs and fish at the petshop:

Isla in a tree:

Enjoying some bolognese:

Isla's picture entitled 'Pob doing a poo':


At Wagamama's:


A masterpiece. We cut up some magazines, got out the glue sticks, felt tips and some stickers to create a piece of art with the themes of dogs, cakes at parties, safari animals and sea animals.

More dancing before pre-school:

Evie doing her chores:

Snow on Tuesday evening (Evie's first proper snow):

Snow this morning: