Thursday, 29 October 2015


Just before the school holidays, Evie and I had a couple of adventures together as we were finally over our bugs! We went to a new music group for little ones locally which we will definitely return to. We also went to the toddler trail at Dyrham park where we made a little clay hedgehog and sang some songs in the pretty Autumnal orchard. Of course, the bus was a highlight for Evie and we had a great view of some male deer with impressive antlers.

Our huge conker collection from Granny Margaret and Grandad David's conker tree has been a favourite toy recently. When Isla was back from school, they set about making patterns and a number trail with the conkers.

At the beginning of the holidays we travelled across to Essex and had a fun time at Granny Ilene, Grandad Alan and Uncle Peter's house. We went to the mega park in the village:

Then we travelled up to Center Parcs in Suffolk and did lots of cycling, swimming, and watching random creatures. There was a lot of spookiness at Center Parcs and we enjoyed spotting all of the spiders and ghosts around. Evie and Isla were excited to see some witches walking around too! We found a play park with lots to do. Isla wasn't sure about the slide as it was an enclosed one, but after a bit of persuasion she gave it a go and loved it, going on the slide time and time again. The green slide will stick in her memory for a while I expect! Isla and I went on a water slide too in the swimming pool complex and it was very very fast.

Back at home, Isla and Evie have been enjoying playing together a lot. They mainly have been playing as witches and collecting things in bags, having picnics and playing at schools where Isla is the mum and Evie is the child being taken to school. We made a collage (which looks a bit like chickoletta from Paw Patrol!) and went to the park too.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Berry picking and a trip to the zoo

At the end of September we enjoyed the lovely warm weather and went out blackberry picking and sloe berry picking in the countryside.

Doing some building:

Meeting up with friends when we're not at school:

Evie was very very excited to take a trip into town on the bus:

Isla is at school full time now. She really enjoys it and it is brilliant when she tells us everything she has been doing that day. They had a harvest festival and Isla's class showed their favourite fruit. They have taken part in a Eurovision song contest, with Isla's class singing the rainbow song in Welsh. This week, Isla took some acorns from her granny and grandad's garden in to show the class. She also took in her pinocchio puppet as her show and tell after being 'Star of the Day'. They have already been designing Christmas cards and learning letter sounds too. This week we were very excited to get a book sent home with words in it. Her class had  a cake sale after school this week and we brought in some chocolate cookies which went very quickly! 

We took a trip to the zoo for Andrew's birthday. Highlights were the lions, a poison dart frog doing a poo, a giant tortoise doing a poo and a bat weeing!

Isla showing me how to do 'dough disco':