Saturday, 29 July 2017

Evie turns four

So this week we've been doing a bit of cycling and a bit of beach-going:

Yesterday was Evie's birthday! She had a few presents to open:

After a bit of playing, we went to the zoo:

Isla discovered that one of the piglets was called Queen Evie, and one of the dingoes is called Evie.

Evie blew out the candles on her panda cake at home and Pob dressed up as Emma Wiggle:

This morning, it was party time! Evie had five little friends over to help celebrate her birthday. She had a lovely time.

Playing pass-the-parcel:

Playing pin-the-badge-on-Marshall:

Blowing out candles again:

Eating cake:

Evie opened up some more presents from her kind friends, and we went for a little run on the beach and play at the park:

Evie had a brilliant birthday! Her favourite word of the day was 'awesome' so I think she really enjoyed herself. Especially walking her new pup that actually poos....!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Whale spotting and rockpooling

Evie and I spotted some humpback whales close to shore this week, after the school drop off. Here is one spouting and another with its fin out of the water:

This weekend, we visited the coast at Mooloolaba and had a look at some rockpool creatures:

Down by the river last night, thousands of people got together to watch some fireworks to celebrate a music and arts festival here. We had a picnic dinner in the dark and watched some amazing fireworks. It was the first time Isla and Evie have properly been to a firework display that they can both remember. In Marshfield, we used to watch the Bonfire Night fireworks from our top window. Isla in particular was worried about how loud they would be. While we were walking to the river, we heard lots of very loud lorikeets calling, which were much louder than the fireworks! We all enjoyed seeing some cockatoos and bats that evening too. Evie and Isla were both amazed by the fireworks and thought they were brilliant. 

Evie and Isla being dentists with some play dough:

Having some lunch out last weekend: