Friday, 28 September 2012

Sleeping in the Clouds

We've moved into the loft! It is very exciting to sleep so high. Isla helped Andrew to build our bed by passing things and helping with the screwdriver, as well as attempting to climb over anything that vaguely resembled a balance beam or tunnel (Tumble Tots skills are coming into their own).

Isla's been investigating leaves:

...attempting to release hamsters at Pets at Home:

(She squealed with joy when we went to Pets at Home and she noticed the tropical fish - it made some customers laugh a lot at us!)

She's also been balancing and transporting things in her little wagon!

Yesterday we went to the toddler group, which was great as lots of our friends were there and I could start my role as secretary on the committee. Isla initially was desperate to find a tractor to play with, however we couldn't find any. She ended up playing with the little toy kitchen and plastic fruit and particularly enjoyed her mid-morning rich tea biscuit. She found a baby doll to carry around with her.

This morning we went swimming. Isla enjoyed it and was more confident in the water due to all our Spanish swims last week. She could hold her head up nicely in the water. Her armbands were really good at keeping her afloat although I think she still had a fair few drinks from the pool. By chance we met some friends there and splashed around with them for a bit as well as practising kicking and stacking the crab shaped floats. No photos from the pool, especially as there were signs everywhere expressly forbidding it, shame really!

Isla's new word is: 'bum'. She can now tell you where your bum is, if you need to know. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Yesterday, we went back to Tumble Tots and had a great time. Isla got a sticker. On our way back to the car, she discovered some of the delights of Autumn for the first time: fallen leaves and puddles.

Finally we have no workmen in our house so we could begin sorting out and getting back to normal, with a short interlude to attend Baby Dancing. Isla was given her second sticker of the week (a little red star.... can you spot it?!!)

She was very excited when she woke from her nap to discover all of her books arranged on a shelf at last, and could easily find the Ticklemonster book and Monkey Puzzle.......oh and then Pop Up Dear Zoo, of course, and Pop Up Spot. And then Alphabet with the sticky octopus legs and wiggling warthog head. We fixed the books with broken flaps that had occured through overzealous reading, before reading some of them.

Dodging rain showers, we went to investigate puddles and try out Isla's welly boots. It was her first walk all the way to the Post Office. It wasn't our quickest journey ever as it inevitably involved us stopping to admire each car, bus, person, leaf, stone, twig, bird, dog, aeroplane, puddle, shop, plant, etc.  that we saw. No tractors this afternoon. On our way home, Isla knew when we passed the hill that led to the horses and desperately wanted to take this extended route back. So we went to visit the horses, who came across to the gate to greet us! Also saw some calves on the way back and found some nice big puddles for the final welly test of the day.

Isla's Words: Part 2

This is Isla's name for our cat, Charlie.

This is Isla's name for our other cat, Monty.

Fire Engine! Or Naa Noo (not to be confused with cheese - see Part 1!)

Horse! Of course! (Also similar to cheese, which can be confusing......) gubby gubby.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cakes, Carpets and Cats

This weekend we have mainly been getting accustomed to wearing lots of clothes again and also getting our house ready for new carpets.

Isla has been helping with sweeping up again:

Look at the tiny peppers we get in the UK! Half the size of Spanish peppers but a lot shinier. Feeling slightly shocked at the cost of veg back here in the UK too.

Today it rained a lot. But we picked all of the red tomatoes, which taste delicious.

We also picked a courgette to have for lunch.
(Not sure why watering cans are necessary at all times when in the garden......! Duck shaped watering cans are especially useful of course.)

While Andrew was finishing pulling up the carpets and woodwork painting (tasks that toddlers and cats make soooo much more challenging), we made some cakes.

Eating the courgette and tomato tart with no stairs or hall carpet:

Cake eating and helpful (!) cats:

Friday, 21 September 2012

Giant Marrows!

We're back home again after a great holiday!  Isla is very pleased to be back with the cats and rediscovering all of her toys.  She was particularly happy to see her cuddly sheep as she was asking for 'Baa baa' a lot while we were away! 

A huge marrow had grown in the garden while we were away and there are lots of red tomatoes too.

Here are some photos from our last days in Spain:

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Isla's Words: Part 1

That was apple! She tends to eat a lot of these.

That was cheese. Not to be confused with horses or fire engines (see later posts!)

Cats and Birds

Yesterday afternoon we went to Cabo de la Nao where there is a lighthouse and amazing views of the sea and coastline.

There were lots of cats at Cabo de la Nao. There were also many French people who were all pleased to see Isla.

This morning, the sky was overcast. Isla began breakfast outside nevertheless.
Also this morning, a bird of prey caught a pigeon and carried it to the garden. The pigeon made a lot of noise with its flapping about.  The bird of prey flew off, leaving the pigeon, which eventually flew away too! Excitement at breakfast time by the villa.

We went to look at the sea towards the Port, where the waves splashed up through the rocks. Isla found some nice stones.

On the other side of the Port there is a marine reserve where we saw many cormorants.

The top of Montgo was cloudy today. We have had some blue skies though and some swims in the pool.