Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas in Australia!

Evie and Isla have been loving all the time together for playing, now that it is the summer holidays here. 

We went to the library for 'tinsel tales' with songs and Christmas stories. The girls listened to an Aussie version of 'The Night Before Christmas' and also the hilarious 'Pig the Elf', a dog who bites Santa's bum (much to Evie's delight). Santa came to help read a story to the children, and to hand out stickers. Isla made a lolly stick star and cup snowman for the tree. They had a quick ride on their scooters at the park before we got too hot and headed home for a cool down in the car.

Finally, Christmas Eve arrived! We went to doggy beach for lots of swimming and dog watching.

After leaving out whiskey, a mince pie and a carrot, Isla and Evie were very excited by their presents the next morning. They loved talking to their Grandparents too. Hope you all had a brilliant Christmas Day. 

Boxing Day was a lovely sunny day, so we headed to the local beach along with lots of other people.

Today we went for a ride on the Noosa ferry which took us down the river to Hastings street, a quick stop for an ice cream, and then back up the river again to the marina. On the way back, Isla blew the whistle on the ferry, which was very exciting. Everyone on the ferry clapped!