Sunday, 31 May 2015

Camping and burning things

Isla and Evie have been outside most of this week! They've been out in the garden and also at the park. We made rocky road chocolate squares, which involved a lot of chocolate-spoon-licking, and they went for a ride on Thomas at the supermarket. They have really been enjoying each others company by playing at picnics, doctors and journeys together. I think Evie will miss Isla a lot when she is at school everyday.

We went on a big adventure this weekend - Isla and Evie's first camping trip under canvas! We went to Thistledown Farm in Nympsfield, Gloucestershire. We pitched our tent at the bottom of a field near some oak trees and spent a brilliant weekend around the campfire and running about on the grass. Isla and Evie went off on little adventures together to find things around the field and also to find sticks (which were handy for the fire). We played a lot of cards and 'Guess Who' and walked around Woodchester Park nearby. There is a gliding club near Woodchester Park and we could see lots of gliders in the sky. We could hear them taking off while we were at Woodchester Mansion. The glider winch made spooky sounds that Isla thought were Scooby-Doo ghosts in the gothic building. There were lots of paragliders in the sky too. At the end of our stay we had an exciting ride on a little tractor back up to our car, where there was a lovely pink tractor that Isla and Evie had a go at driving.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

At home in the garden and a trip to Tyntesfield

Since we've been back Isla and Evie have had horrible sickness bugs! The bugs both lasted only a day and then all back to lovely inquisitive jumpy monkeys again.

Isla went back to preschool this week and really enjoyed herself, especially seeing her friends again. She took a special photo book of her holiday with her to show everyone the animals in Australia and her adventures.

Evie has been enjoying the garden a lot since we came back. She likes carrying buckets and spades around. She has lots of new words everyday. Today she said 'rice' at dinner time and also 'cat'. She also says 'bus' a lot: these seem to interest her a lot along with motorbikes and aeroplanes!

Our garden jungle when we arrived home last week but now all tidy again:

Evie and I bought a few plants for the garden this week. One was catmint, which Charlie and Monty really loved and made them roll around all over the place!

We had a trip to Bath for new shoes as Isla has been growing again. A car that had survived a dinosaur attack was next to the Abbey. We stopped for snacks, listened to some buskers and then Isla asked to visit the Abbey.

Inside the Abbey we were given a quiz and free pencil. The girls enjoyed walking around and having a look at the different things in the Abbey, which I hadn't done in years. We found foundation pillars from the original Norman Abbey under the ground, different chapels and a memorial to the first governor of Australia who had lived in Bath.

Back at home we have been getting out lots of toys after being deprived of anything except shells and sticks to play with whilst away. Evie has been doing some DIY:

They made food, faces and clothes from play dough:

Our plants waiting to be transferred outside:

Monty has been out of sorts and so Isla has been giving him check-ups and lots of strokes. He brought us a mouse and a small rat today so I think her treatment is working:

Today was a sunny day so we went on an adventure to Tyntesfield National Trust estate near Bristol. Queen Victoria and her soldiers were there! She told us that in her day, baby boys wore pink and baby girls wore blue, and that all babies wore dresses to make potty training easier.  We hadn't planned on visiting the house, but were given timed tickets when we arrived. The house was really interesting. I enjoyed the paintings in the hall and the chapel. Evie and Isla enjoyed playing outside on the grass and the play park near the vegetable gardens. Oh, and trying on some hats!