Friday, 29 April 2016

Marshfield Sheilas and last day at school

It has been sunny one minute and then hailing the next for most of this week. Here is Evie looking at the crazy hail:

Evie's favourite toys all seem to be blue:

Today is Isla's last day at school! She is star of the day and has taken her robofish and a gold medal in for show and tell.  She's given out little gifts to her school friends and teachers.

Today was our last trip to the park and library in Corsham. It was a nice visit and we saw two peacocks on the way there!

Back in Marshfield, it was sunny then rainy again.

We've finally finished cleaning all of the shoes that will be shipped out in the container next week.

My friends threw a little drinks party for me to make sure that I am really going to leave. I will miss them all very much! They gave me a big green box full of useful things:

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bowling and a walk on the moors

The last few weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster......should we stay or should we go???!!!!!!

So we went bowling to forget about it all!

Evie won the game of bowling! But Isla is determined to win next time and they both loved it.

On Isla's last day of the Easter holidays, we went to Lacock Abbey. There was a family trail to follow - hunt out the wine bottles and unscramble the letters on them to find the location of a party! We love a good trail or treasure hunt in our family, so this was brilliant fun.

A couple of tricky days wondering what on Earth to do and then finally our house sale went through! Crazy times!

So we went off to Dartmoor to see our friends:

Isla and Ned: "I think you're the best child in the world, Ned" said Isla. "I think you're the best child in the world too" replied Ned.

And the Great Packing Up event has begun properly. In a little break from the sorting out, Isla and Evie went for a lovely bike ride around the village:

Isla has now got a week left at school. She has been learning about bugs, growing and Springtime. They have collected tadpoles from the school pond as well as caterpillars to watch their development. Isla has now moved on to stage 5 reading books (green) and has just had her first chapter book sent home with her. We are trying to get through as many 'Biff and Chip' books as we can to read about their adventures in their new house with the magic key! Yesterday, Isla received an award in assembly for being kind and polite everyday. Her teacher told her that they will all miss her very much when she leaves!  We've been buying leaving presents and spending time with our friends before we move to pastures new.

Evie had fun in her last swimming lesson (she kept checking that she wouldn't be going underwater though) and has been enjoying helping me to sort out which hand-me-downs she will wear when she's bigger. She loves clothes and was thrilled by having so many of Isla's old Peppa Pig tops to wear. Evie really enjoys cleaning shoes, which is coming in very handy at the moment.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Easter in France

We took the ferry bright and early from Poole to Cherbourg and had a nice crossing to France. Isla and Evie spent most of the time climbing up and down the ladders to the bunkbeds in our cabin.

On Easter morning, Isla and Evie followed a treasure hunt around our holiday house and Evie had the winnings for breakfast:

We went to Carolles beach which was a little bit windy and chilly:

We visited Mont St-Michel, which was very exciting to see again! You can no longer park nearby and have to catch a bus from some large car parks.

We visited the nearby town of St Hilaire du Harcouet and had a brilliant lunch at the Anacapri restaurant with mousse au chocolat for dessert.

We visited the medieval town of Fougeres with a castle to explore:

Evie riding a dragon, although she was adamant that 'I don't love dragons' after a noisy experience in the castle!

We spent a day at St Malo, especially enjoying the beach and rock climbing in the sun.

We visited the waterfalls of La Petite Cascade in Mortain and then had a very French experience for lunch at Chez Agnes in Lapenty.

On our way home from St Malo to Portsmouth, we enjoyed a delicious meal:

Back home, we had a fun day at the library and park: