Thursday, 8 June 2017

Surfing dogs and looking for dolphins

The other week, we decided to go on a boat trip to look for some sea creatures. Avast, me hearties!

 Alas, there were not many sea creatures to be found that day, but the boat trip was still pretty fast and exciting!

Evie and I went to the library and had to park under a fruit bat camp where the noisy bats were squabbling with each other:

Isla lost her second tooth!!!! She had finished her swimming lesson and the wobbler fell out in her towel.

Evie and I went on a sneaky trip to Noosa National Park. There is a track that provides views of the sea on one side and bush on the other. There is so much to look for here, with dolphins and turtles in the sea and koalas in the bush. The track is very popular with surfers carrying their boards, tourists, and joggers. 

There was an international food fair at school last week. As well as having lots of nice food, there were lots of rides to go on.

Some noisy magpie larks, or peewees, have been visiting our garden and annoying Monty:

Did you spot the surfing dog and the dolphin?!!!!! :)

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