Saturday, 12 August 2017

Moreton Island

At the beginning of July we went on holiday to Moreton Island. I thought you might like to see some photos of our trip.

It is a sand island, a bit like Fraser Island, but much smaller. It lies in Moreton Bay, near to Brisbane. We got up while it was still dark, and drove to Brisbane docks to catch the ferry across to the island. During the crossing, a pod of energetic dolphins jumped about in the wake of the ferry.

We picked a spot for our tent overlooking the sea. From our tent we could see turtles and dugongs in the shallow water. There was a creek along the beach where Isla and Evie liked to go and paddle.

At the top of Moreton Island is the Cape Moreton lighthouse, which was a great spot to view humpback whales and turtles:

Driving around the island we found a freshwater lake called the Blue Lagoon, and intertidal flats where we found Soldier crabs and Green Paddle Worms:

There are large dunes, like a desert, which Isla and Evie sand boarded down:

There were many shipwrecks around the island:

Camping on Moreton was amazing, despite some heavy rain one evening. I think we'll be going back!

At the end of our holiday we had a night at the Tangalooma Resort. It was once used as a spooky set for a Scooby Doo film in 2002. We liked walking along the pier, going on a glass-bottom boat to feed fish at the shipwrecks, and feeding Rani the dolphin in the evening.

Bye bye Moreton Island!

Thanks for reading!

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