Saturday, 12 August 2017

Up in the trees

Isla and Evie have spent a lot of time climbing trees the last couple of weeks! We've also been going to birthday parties and cycling about. 

There was a sponsored event at school, called the Jogathon to raise money for a new basketball court. All the children had to run some laps and the parents could join in too. Isla really enjoyed it, although it was a hot day at 26 degrees so everyone had hot red faces after all the running about. 

Here are some photos of other things we've been doing:

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  1. Liked your signatures in the sand, Isla and Evie. Thank you for the pictures here and in the Moreton Island episode. That looks really wild and reminds me of Rabbit Island before it was 'improved' by dumping sewerage all over! That sandbogganing must have been great fun. You must have been entering this while Granny I. was reading the Trees blog. xxx