Monday, 21 August 2017

Fish, Fire, Jump

Hello! Today the blog post is written by Isla and Evie.

Evie went fishing and caught a diamond fish, a toadfish, and a bream.

Evie saw Peppa Pig:

Our flowers:

Thanks for the sticker book Granny:

Here is the photo for Evie's swimming lessons. She was awarded swimmer of the month for her kicking and beautiful listening in lessons.

Evie went to the park on Friday and spent ages on the blue slides.

She cycled along by the river to the Big Pelican.

I rode on my bike to the beach. We played tag. It was awesome playing at the beach!

There was a bushfire near our house. It made me feel anxious. We went to look at it and the fire was on a tree very close to someone's house.

On Sunday, we went to Noosa North Shore and we  also saw some horses having fun in the sea.

We bounced up and down on a jumping pillow. It was lots of fun!

Evie and I made lots of friends at the jumping pillow. They could do rollypollies and cartwheels on the jumping pillow and one was called Isla. Evie and I think that one of the babies was called Glincy.

On the way home from Noosa North Shore we went to an art studio. Most of the pictures were of people and I didn't like them too much. 
I went to my friends playdate. The friends there were called E, S, T, V, D, I and L. We played a game called Police Tag.
At last we were eating some beautiful food from KFC. 

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  1. Thank you for the great stories, Isla and Evie.
    I used to enjoy fishing with my mother, your Great-Granny Kay. We usually fished off jetties and big wharves (in the old days) and from small boats too. We used handlines.
    I like that bream! Beautiful. Sometimes we caught snapper, which are just like your bream. We thought that snapper were grownup bream!